Tuesday, October 18, 2011

More tree cutting

The tree people came back yesterday and trimmed our big trees in the back yard. Somehow they managed to squeeze their big bucket truck between our house and the neighbors. They just trimmed off the south side of the trees - the side towards the utility wires. I went out and asked one of the guys if they could go ahead and unhook that wire that was hanging low, but he said they weren't allowed to mess with any wires. I tried to show him that it was already unhooked, and it appeared one of the tree trimmers from the other day had tied it up, but he just smiled and said they weren't allowed to touch any wires. I suppose... unless they drop a limb on one.

It really has changed the view of, and from, our back yard. Feels like we're out in the middle of everything now. We may need to plant a bush or little tree or something.

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