Friday, November 11, 2011

Around the house

I accomplished a few odd jobs around the house today...

I cut off the door to the laundry room so you can actually close it now. That way when Anna comes over we won't have to worry about her going in there. Although, for some odd reason she never seems to want in there anyway... Probably because the stairs are right next to it, and she LOVES climbing the stairs. I was disgusted with myself at how bad of a cut I made across the bottom of the door though. It needed about a half inch cut off all the way across, and I used my circular saw. I don't know what in the world I did, but it had a big dip right in the middle. Whatever.

Since the door to the laundry room now closes, I needed to put a "cat door" in it, because that is where Kitty's litter box is. So while I had it outside I installed the cat door.

I also changed the light outside the old garage door on the west into an outlet. We never use that door, and the light didn't work anyway. Apparently the switch was bad, so I replaced the switch and just put an outlet with a weatherproof cover on it... So now we can plug in Christmas lights outside.

I also bought some plastic to put on the two big windows in the living room (on the inside). I will probably only cover those two windows, since they are so huge - I can't imagine how much heat would be lost through them. And if I play my cards right I just might be able to cover both windows with the one thing of plastic. It is 200", so I should have 5" to spare. We will see.

I need to get one of those things that you put along the bottom of a door to keep drafts out for the door between the kitchen and the garage. You can see daylight pretty good under the door, and we often keep the garage door open so people will know we are home.

I think we can now rake up the leaves in the back yard again. The trees are just about bare (except for one small one). There are quite a few leaves now. If it's nice tomorrow I'll do it in the afternoon.

I also need to do some major tree trimming. There are three or four little trees right next to the house that need trimmed up. I wish I knew someone with a chain saw and a truck that could come and trim them and then haul away the branches. I haven't yet figured out what to do with branches in the city.

We also need to plant some grass seed out back where the cut down the evergreen trees. Jane's brother said you can plant grass seed in any month that has an "r" in it. I don't know anything about that.

We are also planning to finally move the piano here one of these days. It is still at the parsonage. It's possible we may do that tomorrow. I am waiting on someone who has a truck and big muscles.

We're also trying to decide whether to get an electric heater for the basement, or splurge and get a gas fireplace. The gas fireplace would be nice, because then we'd be set if the electricity went out. But they are expensive, and we wouldn't have the flexibility with a fireplace that we would have with one of those small electric heaters. I think we need something though, because the house isn't too bad at 60f for the most part, but it would be nice to have some heat in the basement when we're just hanging out at night. We will see.

Well... off to Muncie to see son Isaac play in a band, and also Joel Levi and Andrew Camp. They are the two guys that did the music for Drew Carrie's wedding. I can't remember the name of the band Isaac is playing with... something like Greasebucket (or something). I think he's playing drums. I think he's playing in several bands right now. I wish we could go listen to him preach next Sunday when he preaches at his church again. One of these days.

Peace out; and in.

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