Monday, November 14, 2011

Police excitement in the neighborhood

Yesterday we came home from church, with Drew Carrie Anna following us, and when we came to our street we saw a cop with a rifle sneaking around behind somebody's privacy fence. There was also a cop car parked across our street so we couldn't go down it. At first we thought maybe there was a vicious dog loose or something, but when we went around the block to get to our house from the other side there was an ambulance parked there - running and waiting - and there were several other cops with rifles and handguns prowling about. We probably should have just left the area, but instead we pulled into our house and we all quickly ran inside. Some of the neighbors were outside trying to see what was going on. One cop was hiding behind a tree, and pretty soon another came running by our house with his handgun pulled. They were all aiming their guns at what appeared to be Bill and Sue's house - which is the fourth one down from us.

I was really afraid that someone was going to get shot, and I didn't really want to see or hear that - especially not right after church and right before lunch. We looked out the windows to see if we could see anything, and pretty soon we saw a cop repositioning himself behind one of the neighbors vehicles and you could hear some yelling. Finally I couldn't stand it anymore so Drew and I went outside, and then we saw that they had wrestled someone to the ground. They eventually hauled him off in cuffs and... that was the end of it.

Later in the afternoon we went for a walk, and we walked by Bill and Sue's and were debating on whether we should stop in and see if they were ok... when Bill just happened to pull up in his truck. So we asked him if everything was ok, and he was just getting home from being on the road and had no idea about anything happening there. So we kind of tried to play stupid and chit-chatted for a minute and then went on our way. I haven't heard anymore about it, so I really have no idea what went on. I found this website with the FW police dept. daily activity logs, so maybe I will check it once it is updated and see what all the fuss was about. I'm just glad no one was shot.

Interestingly enough, I think that is the first time I have ever even seen a police car in our neighborhood, and there were probably 5 or 6 of them yesterday. Hopefully it was a random incident and we won't need to see anymore.

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