Tuesday, November 22, 2011


I got a haircut yesterday. I went to the usual place, and didn't have to wait long. There were three people cutting hair, and I was hoping not to get the girl with the huge hair and wild outfit. I don't know why, but she's just kinda loud and talks a lot, and... well, on this day I just kind of wanted to sit there. Fortunately I got the quiet girl with the nose piercing. She never offered her name, and we just chatted briefly. Then she just cut my hair and that was that. She did an ok job.

I never used to like nose piercings, but for some odd reason I kind of like them now - on certain noses. I noticed this about myself several months ago.

I see from my archives that my last haircut was just four weeks ago. Geez. I remember when I used to go more like a year or so between haircuts. I suppose I didn't really need it cut now, but with the holidays coming up, I prefer a neater look. I guess.

Sometimes it's just nice to go sit in a barber chair. I miss the chair I used to have. I had it in my garage. I loved sitting in it and twirling around. But I sold it - along with most of our other possessions - when we moved to Ohio and I attended seminary. We just couldn't fit very much stuff in our tiny apartment. It seems I regret doing that more and more lately. Not always, but... sometimes.

Mondays are hard days. Especially with so many loose ends. I don't understand how some people can be so mean. And then blame me for being the problem.

It was totally worth $13 just to sit for awhile with some people who didn't want anything from me, expect anything from me, weren't mad at me or disappointed in me... I think I need a vacation more than I thought I did.

Not sure how I got here from getting a haircut...

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