Monday, November 21, 2011

Preaching, isaac's sermons, preacher's kids

Yesterday was an eventful day. I actually preached two different sermons, at two different places. We had the usual Sunday morning gathering (where I preached for the third week in a row on Jehoshaphat, from 2 Chronicles 20), and then I also preached at the Community Thanksgiving Service. The community service was held at Tom's church, and it consists of five or six area churches. There was an ok crowd. I preached from Psalm 71. I like the room at Tom's - it's much easier to see everyone than in our building. But it had to be like 900 degrees. I have maybe never been so hot! And I don't think it was from my preaching. It was still a nice service. They had a GREAT video they made in-house, and a really nice skit.

Son Isaac also preached yesterday, at his church. This was his second sermon. He has posted both of his sermons so far on his blog. His sermons are much deeper, and probably better than mine. I look forward to actually hearing him in person someday. I think they may have added him to the regular preaching rotation at his church.
Another interesting thing happened yesterday too. During the "sharing" time at our church, Jane shared what a blessing it is that both our kids are so involved in church. As she said, we know many 'preacher's kids' (or ministry children) who grow up in the fish bowl and then want nothing to do with church. They've either been turned off, turned away by others, or just rebelled. And we feel very blessed that NEITHER of our kids went that route. It was meant as a compliment not only to our kids, but to our church as well - that apparently they didn't rub them that way. However, after the morning service a few people made comments that made it sound like Jane was only talking about Isaac - since he is now preaching. But Jane (and I) meant it equally about Carrie (and Drew) as well. What these people made it sound like (and it's nothing against them, they weren't being mean or anything - actually quite nice), was that it was only important if you were preaching. And that is so far from the truth. In fact, I think that's one of the main things wrong with the church in general... Too many people fail to see the value of EVERYONE in the church. Yes, we need people to preach, but maybe even more than that, we need people willing to participate in the church in other ways too. Jane and I make no distinction between Isaac's preaching involvement (as proud as we are of him for that), and Drew Carrie's involvement on Sunday mornings, and ALSO just their involvement in the life of the church in general (both kids).

I bring this up because I think this is a much bigger issue with the church than with our children. It goes back to that idea that ministry is to be done by people paid to do it, rather than by a "priesthood of ALL believers." This kind of thinking leaves the church handicapped and limping along, because so few people see their value in the church/kingdom, and see church as merely a Sunday spectator sport, where they come and watch the paid "professionals" do the work... When, in reality, it is a 24/7 - life - endeavor... to be undertaken by all who belong to the King.

Well, I could go on... and maybe I'm making too much of a deal about it. I know no one meant any harm, but... I wish we could learn to see the church for what the church really is (or is supposed to be). I get tired of that clergy/laity divide... But it is only Monday, so... Let's just say it was a good day yesterday...

Peace out; and in.

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