Monday, February 20, 2012

Church chili cook-off #2

Last night we had our second annual chili cook-off at church. There weren't quite as many contestants, nor quite as big of a crowd (see last year's write up), but it still went quite well. Better than I expected. We had six contestants (Jim, Adam, Robin, Jane, Carrie & Joan). Every chili was different. Last year we had a prize for every contestant, but we decided that was a bit much work. So this year we just had the 'judges choice' and the 'people's choice.' Jim won both (by quite a bit). Jane and Carrie tied for second in the people's choice (I voted for Carrie's, but liked both Jane and Carrie's; though they were all good). Jim won a chef's hat (ball cap that said "chef") and a nice ladle. Carrie won just a hat.

There was also a really nice crowd. That's the part I was worried about. But there were some people there who don't usually attend Third Sunday Suppers; some visitors even; plus Carrie and Drew asked Josh and Lindsay to be judges. There were also some who usually attend who weren't there though, but... what are ya gonna do. I would guess there were 40-50 people there. And lots of kids and pregnant women. :)

All in all, it was a very good night. It also lasted a long time. I don't think we left until about 8:30. Usually people are gone by 7 or 7:30. A nice time.

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