Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Eye doctor

I finally broke down and went to the eye doctor today. I've been having a bit of trouble seeing things up close, and I knew my bifocals probably needed some adjusting. Plus my glasses were getting a little ratty. I had to check to see when the last time I visited the eye doctor was. Here is that post from October 2008, and here is the post about my last pair of glasses.

I went back and forth on what eye doctor to go to. I hated to go back to Walmart (where I got my last pair) and wanted to find a local, independent eye doctor. But after not being able to make a decision I finally just made an appointment with the same doctor I went to last time. He is actually at a different location now, but it's the one closest to our house. His dad also attends our church (even though they apparently don't speak to one another). However, when I went to my 10 o'clock appointment, he wasn't there. There was a lady eye doctor. She said she works out of the Huntington Walmart, and was just covering for my regular doctor today. I thought they said her name was Dr. Marchand (or something), but I'm wondering if it was Dr. Michaud. Anyway, she was nice, and I survived.

So, I arrived about 5 minutes before 10, filled out my paperwork, then got my vision screening. First the nurse took me into this little room and I had to look for the little house inside this contraption. I couldn't see if for a long time, but finally did. Then I looked in this other thing and they blew air into my eyes. I hate that thing. Then I went in to see the doctor. She was really nice, but she had no idea where anything was. She said she thought all the Walmart Vision Center's would be set up the same, but that nothing was the same except the big eye machine that hangs over the chair. Anyway, she checked my vision, and looked in my eyes to check for disease and whatnot. She said my long distance vision in my right eye had changed by 1, and the left was ok. However, she changed my short distance vision by 2. She said she was going a little stronger because it was only going to get worse instead of better. We chit-chatted a bit, then she said everything else looked fine. She never did dilate my pupils though. That's another part I usually hate - where they put drops in and make it real hard to see. I didn't mind, as long as it's not necessary to get a good read on my eyes. When the girl checked me out she asked if I'd gotten my pupils dilated, and I said no, and she didn't say anything. So... whatever. Anyway, she said I could pick out some new frames, but I asked if it would be ok if I brought my wife back with me to do that. She smiled and said that would be fine.

All told it only took a half an hour to do all that. It cost $55. I walked out at 10:30, and then had to purchase some supplies for the church.

So... one of these days I need to go order my new glasses. Hopefully then I can see my sermons and music a little better. My eyes feel really strained right now.

Added later: Jane and I went back that night and picked out my new "eco" frames (made from recycled materials). The frames were $92, and I got the thinnest, lightest lenses - Zeiss Poly - which were $225, so they cost a total of $317. That was quite a bit cheaper than the glasses I'm wearing now - although they came with the magnetic sunglasses (which I like, but they didn't have any that I like now).

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