Sunday, February 26, 2012

New glasses... again

I have already written HERE and HERE about my new pair of eyeglasses. I finally picked up the new ones for the second time yesterday. The doctor backed off my prescription some, and also lowered the sight line so the reading part is lower. They are much, much better. They're still slightly different, plus the lens area is bigger overall, so it will still probably take a few days for my eyes to fully adjust. But I preached and read music with them today and they weren't too bad. Although... I have not had anyone recognize that I have new glasses, and even after I told everyone at church this morning no one said anything about them. So apparently they don't look very nice. Whatever.

I am thinking, though, about getting a pair of reading-only glasses. Just a pair that you can buy over the counter. The doctor backed the reading part off so I could read my sermons and music better, but they're maybe a little weak for reading books (up close). So I might see if I can get a pair just to read books with. I don't know; will see.

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