Thursday, February 09, 2012

No longer chairman of the board

I almost forgot... We had a church council meeting January 28 and elected new officers. For the first time in as long as I can remember I AM NOT THE COUNCIL PRESIDENT ANYMORE!!! In fact, I am not an officer of any kind (though I am still on the council).

I have probably been council chairman/president for at least the past five years or so. And I was before that too - all but one or two years. We've just had a real void of people either willing or able to take on the responsibility. That's one of those things that happens in a church with a lot of new people to the faith, a more blue collar feel to it, and, to be honest, we just have a lot of real passive, quiet people. Certainly there are people who are capable, but for various reasons they are either not willing, or are not on the church council.

We just had a guy go back on this year who had been on the council before, and he actually volunteered to be chairman. I am wondering if some of the council members had been talking, and trying to figure out a way to relieve some of the pressure off of me. I was actually just assuming I would be president again, and was somewhat surprised when he volunteered. I admit that I will miss it some, but I am pretty happy about this turn of events. I think we might actually be turning a bit of a corner leadership-wise in our little church. This year and next year could hold some interesting things for us. Maybe. It could also go really bad really fast. Such is the life of a pastor at a little country church in the heartland of America. But for now I am relieved to not have to be council chair, and think the one we have will do fine.

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