Saturday, February 04, 2012


We are just about ready to ship off our taxes for this year (last year). This was the first year we actually saved receipts and tried to itemize a bunch of stuff that I can get a deduction for as a pastor. Partly because we bought a house last year, but mostly because we don't want to get stuck with having to pay an additional $3000 in taxes again. That was not a nice surprise last year - right after we just purchased the house!

I actually helped this year. Jane and I threw all our receipts from the year - medical, utilities, housing, miscellaneous - into a box, and then we went through and separated them into their respective piles; then added them up.

I think we are waiting on one or two other items and then we'll be ready to send them off to the tax lady. I am really hoping we don't have to pay this year; and it would be nice if we actually got a little money back for a change.

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