Friday, February 03, 2012

More politics - president obama's speech at the national prayer breakfast

I hate to put two political posts back to back (I've been trying to not get wrapped up in politics this year), but I didn't realize when I put up yesterday's that the National Prayer Breakfast was taking place in Washington. Jane told me about it last night. And, you know, once again I don't understand why this man riles up Christians so much. I mean, he starts out his speech by saying, "I wake up each morning and I say a brief prayer, and I spend a little time in Scripture and devotion." Let me ask you, how many of the Republicans running for president do that?? How many of our other presidents did that?

At any rate, I could go on about this... but I'll spare the details. I thought it was a fantastic speech, and actually does make me proud to say that I voted for him. But I mostly just wanted to link to his speech at the 2012 National Prayer Breakfast. Here is the transcript and video from the Washington Post: 2012 National Prayer Breakfast address by President Obama.

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