Sunday, March 18, 2012

Anna to emergency room (croup)

Our sweet little granddaughter had to be taken to the ER early this morning. Apparently she was pretty wheezy and coughing most of the night. I got a text around 5 am that Drew and Carrie were taking her to Lutheran. I guess they thought it was croup the minute they walked in and saw her. They gave her a steroid shot and a breathing treatment, and wanted them to stick around for a couple of hours to make sure she was ok. She slept for a little bit and then perked up pretty well. We went over after church and she seemed to pretty much be back to her old cheerful self. She did sound like 'something' was wrong, but hopefully she will recover quickly. I'm just glad they went ahead and took her in, instead of waiting like we did with Isaac until he got really bad.

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