Saturday, March 17, 2012

First time on the rivergreenway from tillman park

Today I took my first walk/run on the St. Mary's Parkway/Rivergreenway down by the new house (map). I left our house and went to Winchester Rd and turned north, then cut across behind Penguin Point and crossed the St. Mary's River, then I jumped the guardrail and got on the trail. First I went toward Tillman Park. I just walked up to where the cars can park and then went back. Then I kept going past Lower Huntington Rd (where I got on) and followed the trail down to Airport Expressway. Then I turned around and went home. It took me just over an hour, but I mostly walked and didn't run very much, so I'm sure I could probably do that in an hour or less.

It was really kind of nice. The trail is blacktop and plenty wide. It was neat walking along the river among the big old trees. I also saw quite a few bicyclers and walkers and runners. And I think almost everyone spoke to me as we passed. That was nice.

I would like to start running outside this summer again. It's been a long time since I have, and I think it is better for me than on the treadmill. But what little I did today really made me sore. My left hamstring was kind of bothering me, so that's why I mostly walked today. At any rate, I was glad I finally got on the trail. Jane wants to get bikes, and I actually think that might be fun too. I saw several couples riding bikes together. One of these days...

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