Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Listening to isaac preach

This past Sunday (3/25) I had the opportunity to hear my son Isaac preach for the first time (my first time hearing him, not his first time preaching). I think this was maybe his third official sermon at the Mercy House.

I rode down with Drew, Carrie and Anna. Jane and Joan took care of things at Fairview while I was gone (after I made coffee and realized that our computer wouldn't play Joan's flash drive).

It was interesting listening to Isaac. He spoke on prayer, and read from a manuscript (like I do). He presents in more of a lecture style - like a scholar presenting a paper - but it was also from a very personal perspective. He didn't seem at all nervous, and it was just kind of neat seeing everyone listening so intently. It was actually a quite good sermon.

I wondered how it would "feel" to hear him preach. But very soon after he started I kind of forgot all about that he was my son, and I was just... listening/receiving the Word. I'd say that's a pretty good thing.

We went for lunch at the Mexican place afterward, then came back home. This was a good day: riding in the car with my daughter and her family, listening to my son preach, all while my wife was taking care of things at our church. Seems pretty weird. In a good way.

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