Wednesday, April 04, 2012

Doctor visit

I had a routine doctor visit this morning. 9 o'clock appointments are nice. I was the first one there - even before the doctor arrived - and I was in and out in under 15 minutes. And most of that time was spent talking about grandkids and the diet Jane is on.

It was also nice because my weight had dropped from 173 the last time, to 165 this time (though the scale was a little shaky). I was really hoping I had lost SOME weight. I was just hoping for 170, so I was pretty happy about 165. I bet if I could lose another 10 pounds I could drop or go off some meds.

My blood pressure was 126/78 - which the doctor thought was fantastic. I was afraid it might be bad, because I was pretty stressed last night and didn't get much sleep. I actually think that might have been a high reading though, because I had just sat down when the nurse took it. So I was happy about that too.

All in all, this doctor visit was almost just what I needed (some good news). So glad I went. I go back July 11 at 9:15 for another routine visit. I suppose the time after that I'll need a blood test.

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