Monday, April 02, 2012

Heartbeat of another grandchild

Drew Carrie went to the doctor this morning and had their first listen to the heartbeat of their soon-to-be second child. Due date is October 8th, 2012.

We actually found out awhile back, but haven't been able to tell anyone until they went to the doctor and made it official.

Jane and I kept Anna while they went to the doctor. She started favoring her left foot last night... she would cry every time she walked on it. Then this morning she would walk on it for awhile, but eventually would start crawling again (which she hardly ever does anymore). It was quite obvious that she did not want to put pressure on it. But as the morning went on it seemed to get better. Not sure what the problem was, but hopefully it is on the mend. Hopefully she will be ready for a new brother or sister in October too!

I'm kind of fond of Arnie or Ella at the moment, but I'm sure that will change. Just can't imagine loving another one just as much as we do Anna. :)

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