Saturday, April 28, 2012

Garage sale

We had a garage sale at our house this week. Actually, Carrie had a garage sale, but had it at our house. They had a "community garage sale" so we decided to take advantage of it. Neither of us really had a whole lot of stuff, but the two of us together had "enough." They mostly had a bunch of books that Drew acquired at work. they got rid of some, but not a lot. We got rid of quite a bit of the little bit of stuff we put out. I got rid of my car ramps and the fan I'd made out of a blower motor. I didn't even think to put them out until later - wasn't really planning on selling them - but I don't really need them anymore and they were just taking up space in the garage.

We didn't have a huge crowd, and today was miserably cold and rainy, but we still made about $80 altogether... so that wasn't too bad. Anna helped out both days. :)

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