Monday, April 30, 2012

Starting the diet

Well, I am starting the "ideal protein" diet today. It's the one that Jane has been on for a month now. Somehow it works through the pancreas, and the idea seems to be to feed your muscle while starving your fat. It consists of eating lots of salads, 4 cups of vegetables a day, pretty much any kind of meat, eggs, or other protein sources, drinking protein shakes (or protein pudding, or protein soup), and taking several different vitamin supplements. There is no sugar or starches or carbs allowed (so no bread, potatoes, fruit, juice, caffeine, or anything like that).

The hardest part for me will probably be with breakfast. I like to EAT something for breakfast, as opposed to drinking a protein shake. I won't mind the veggies though - I love veggies. And salad.

I'm really hoping I can drop 10-15 pounds in just a couple weeks, but that might be a bit unrealistic. We will see. Men are supposed to lose weight easier than women, and Jane has dropped about 17 pounds already.

This morning I weighed in at 168 lbs. on the basement scale, dressed in my pj's, bathrobe, slippers, and stocking hat. Not sure how accurate the scale is, but I guess that's what I've got to go by.

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