Sunday, May 27, 2012

Blue like jazz (the movie)

I can still remember when I picked up this book called Blue Like Jazz. I was at Barnes & Noble, and I don't know if it was the color of the cover or just the title that caught my eye... but the title sucked me in. I read the back cover and I just HAD to have this book. I'd not heard anything at all about it. That was the year it came out. It became one of my all-time favorite books.

Last night we went and saw the movie (imbd). I'd heard years ago that they were trying to make it into a movie; then they ran out of money; then they started again; then stopped... I think I even saw a trailer for it about this time last year, but then hadn't heard much about it. Well, it was playing at the Cinema Center (downtown), and we went to see it.

I was really hesitant, because it's one of my favorite books... Movies just don't often seem to live up to books - from the few movies I've seen where I've also read the book. And I can't say that this movie was a lot like I'd thought it would be based on the book. But I was pleasantly surprised. It was a better movie than I expected. I liked the ending. I liked how everything didn't just "work out in the end." I liked how everything wasn't 'overly obvious.' I thought it was good.

Also... it made me feel like a hypocrite. Just like the book, I totally related to Don. Not quite the party life he had, but the struggle with feeling the church is sometimes an embarrassment, but at the same time knowing that it's the only real hope we have. It convicted me... and deepened my faith. I'm glad we saw it. Now I want to read the book again.

After the movie we headed for home, and we saw that the streets of Fort Wayne were blocked off downtown. There was a bike race on the downtown streets, and a band playing, and they were selling food and stuff on the street, and there were people EVERYWHERE. It was awesome. A good old street party. So we walked around awhile, and watched the cyclers. Wow. That was incredible. They go so fast. And I don't know how they keep from just running into each other.

But... we couldn't stay long because we needed to come home and pack. We leave for Myrtle Beach today, after church. Yesterday was a good day. I hope today is too.

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