Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Doctor visit

I had a re-check at the doctor yesterday for this prostate infection. It is quite a bit better, but still not quite feeling 100% back to normal. He did a lovely prostate exam - which I hate. But at least he said it was fine: there were no nodules and it wasn't swollen. He had given me a refill on the antibiotic and he said to just take it a couple more weeks and it should be fine. He said it usually takes about a month to get completely over. So at least it's nice to know that all checks out.

My weight was 158 (fully clothed), so I lost 5 lbs since I was there 2 weeks ago. It was also exactly what our scale at home said before I left. Which was 3 lbs more than it said when just in my boxers and t-shirt. Oddly enough I was 2 lbs heavier than I was this morning before I left the house.

My blood pressure was 110/62 - which is super, super excellent. In fact, he said if it stays like that I should try going off my blood pressure medicine. I have another regular check-up in early July, so he said to stop taking my meds about 3 weeks before that and we'll see what it's like. That would be cool.

All in all it was a pretty good doctor visit. I got right in when I got there at 1:15, and I was done and out of there by 1:40.

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