Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Eating - day 22 (Tuesday), and bb king

We went off diet yesterday. It started ok. I had eggbeaters and a protein shake for breakfast, a hard-boiled egg mid-morning, a salad and brocolli/cauliflower for lunch, a protein bar in the afternoon, but I snagged us tickets to see BB King last night, and Jane had to work until 6, so we left the house as soon as she got home and parked near the Embassy and walked over to Tascani's for our first pizza in months! We split 1 breadstick, I had 3 pieces of pizza, and Jane had 2 1/2. It was pretty good - but I wasn't amazed like I thought I might be. Maybe it was because we were in a hurry. Anyway, then at the show I had a couple beers too. I could have done without those. I didn't really feel too bad this morning, and I'm hoping I didn't gain too much weight.

The BB King concert was fantastic. He had a big band. There was an opening band. Then BB's band came out. It was 4 horn players, drummer, bass, keyboards, and a guitarist. At first I thought the guitarist was BB, but after he came out he was clearly much younger than BB. At any rate, the band rocked through a few numbers and were really good. Then a couple guys escorted BB out on stage. I didn't realize he was 86 years old. He had a little trouble walking, and spent the rest of the evening in a big red chair at the front of the stage. He played some guitar, and sang quite well, but he spent quite a bit of time just talking to the audience too. Even though he was seated he could still belt it out and get down when he was singing/playing. Still quite the performer. He probably played almost an hour and a half. At the end he had several guys come out and they had his hat and coat and were to assist him in leaving the stage. But first he tossed out guitar picks to the crowd. They gave him handful after handful of guitar picks and he would throw them out. He also signed a few autographs. It was a pretty nice night. Glad we went.

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