Saturday, May 12, 2012

Eating - day 11 (friday)

This was a different day food-wise. I had egg-beaters, a protein bar, only 2 protein drinks instead of 3, and a beer. Ugh.

5:30 am - vanilla protein drink, decaf coffee, water with antibiotic

8:30 am - water with multivitamin and pro/cal, decaf coffee, egg-beater (the approximate equivalent of 2 egg whites)

noon - salad with veggies, green beans

3 pm - antibiotic, chocolate arbonne protein drink

4 pm - I had one of Jane's protein bars. I was feeling light-headed, and my left side had kind of been hurting all day. Felt like I needed some carbs or something, and as soon as I ate it I felt immediately better.

6:30 pm - went to Applebees for supper. I intended to have water but the bartender just gave me a beer without asking. So I slowly drank just that one. Had a chicken caeser salad. Took the other multivitamin and 2 cal/mag supplements.

11 pm - got home from shopping and had 2 celery stalks to try to make up for lack of veggies at supper, and other 2 cal/mag supplements. Did not have the third protein drink because it was too late.

Bad day in the eating department. Felt off schedule.

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