Saturday, May 12, 2012

(Natural) gas grill

When we bought our house it had a gas grill in the backyard that is fixed to a pole in the ground (so it stays put and can't be moved). It is also natural gas - with a gas line running from the house, rather than a propane tank. All the information we had on the house said it didn't work, and it did look like it was in pretty bad shape. The shelf on one side of it has been broken off, and it left 2 holes in the side where it was bolted onto the base of the grill. Plus the insides just looked pretty rusty and crappy. However, I lit it up one day, and it seemed to work. The igniter doesn't work, so I had to use a lighter, but that's no big deal.

So last weekend I bought some lava rock and put in, as well as a new rack to cook on. We used it for chicken breasts last Sunday, and it worked like a charm. Cool!

We have used a charcoal grill for several years. And I don't mind a charcoal grill, but ours is a pretty big one, and with just the 2 of us it seems like we waste a lot of charcoal when we use it. We thought about getting a small - maybe even a table-top - charcoal grill, but this gas grill will be mighty handy now. Not quite the charcoal flavor, but it will definitely be easier. I need to get a new grill cover for it.

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