Friday, May 11, 2012

Fertilized the lawn (first time)

Well, I fertilized our lawn for the first time this morning. I'd been trying to find a time when I could do it early - while there was still dew on the grass - and when it wasn't supposed to rain for a couple of days. Today seemed the perfect day. I mowed yesterday, and there's a chance of rain Saturday night and Sunday.

As seen in THIS POST, I used a drop spreader, and either I really don't know what I'm doing, or it is not set right according to the instructions. Because I bought a bag of this Menards Premium Weed & Feed 28-0-3 fertilizer (for treatment 2) which is supposed to cover 5,000 sq. feet... and I barely got the front yard done! It should have easily covered the entire yard.

So... at 6:30 this morning I headed to Menards to get another bag. Of course I got there and grabbed a bag, and realized I forgot my wallet as I was heading up to the register. So I went home and back and got another small bag. But geezaroo... they really hiked the price since I bought the last one just last week. Instead of $9.99, it was $13.99. I guess the key is to get it early. I should probably go ahead and buy the next treatment.

I do think I should just go ahead and buy the large bag instead of the small one. I can't believe I put it on THAT much too thick. I just hope I didn't kill all the grass. Time will tell.

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