Tuesday, May 01, 2012

Haircut and a tan

I got my hair cut this morning. I went to the usual place, and actually had the same girl as the last time (Marie). She even remembered me! And, just like the last time, I was the only one in the place the whole time. At any rate, she also used the electric clippers on me. I think she used a #6 and did the bottom of the back and sides, then scissors on the top. Not sure if I like that so much or not, but we will see. I do like having her cut it though, because she talks, but not too much.

I also started tanning today in preparation for our vacation at the end of this month. I went to the place I've gone before in Ossian. I think it's funny how the lady who owns it still remembers almost everything about me and my family. She was a waitress when we first moved here, then she quit shortly after and opened this tanning place. Anyway, I tanned for 4 minutes, and will go again on Thursday, and then on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the next couple weeks after that. The blood pressure medicine I take makes my skin sensitive to light/sun, so I have to start really slow and work my way up to maybe 8 or 9 minutes max. I don't really like laying in a tanning bed (don't like laying on my back, or closing the lid on my), but it's better than going to the beach and getting sunburned. I DO like going to the beach.

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