Monday, May 21, 2012

Monday morning weigh-in/eating - day 20 (sunday)

Well, this week didn't go quite as well as the first two. After weighing in at 155 last Monday, I weighed in at 153 this morning. It was not quite a full 2 lb drop, but I was just hoping I had lost weight and not gained any after what I ate yesterday.

Plus starting Saturday we were supposed to start adding 8 more ounces of protein per day and drop 1 protein drink. So I started eating egg beaters for breakfast again, and replaced the afternoon protein drink with a protein bar. I also started having a small glass of cranberry juice again yesterday.

Although yesterday my eating was not very good. I had the eggs, coffee, and vitamin supplements in the morning around 6, then a protein drink around 8. Then we went to lunch at Bob Evans. I got a Chef Salad - minus the bacon and cheese - and with fat free dressing... but I also had 1 biscuit. Man was it good... even without butter. Then I had a protein bar in the afternoon. And then we had supper at church. I was all set to have some chicken strips because they looked and smelled so good... but they were gone by the time I went through the line. It's probably just as well, because I still didn't eat very well. Someone did bring a salad, but then they poured a bunch of beans and fritos and dressing on it - so it probably wasn't very healthy at all. I had some broccoli/cauliflower stuff, but it had bacon bits and was mixed into something. So I loaded up on the celery, tomatoes, and cucumbers that Jane brought. But before the night was over I had a 1/3 piece of Jim's chocolate cake. I think I can actually still taste it. Anyway... when I got home - around 9:30 - I had another protein drink, and Jane and I split a leftover hamburger patty to try to get a little more protein for the day.

So, all in all, even though I had hoped to lose more weight this week, after being gone most of the day Saturday, and eating out 2 meals on Sunday, I'll take 153. But this is probably as light as I'm going to get until after we get back from vacation and start back on phase 1 again. So that's kind of discouraging. Much better than it was several weeks ago though.

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