Sunday, May 06, 2012

Ricci's grad party (and meeting her parents)

Isaac's girlfriend, Ricci, graduated from Anderson University yesterday. We didn't attend the graduation ceremony, but Jane, Carrie, Anna and myself drove down for her party after the ceremony. This was our first time to meet her dad, and my first time to meet her mom (Jane met her some time ago). There names are Scott and Sara (don't know if there's an "h" or not). We also met her brother, aunt, grandma, and probably some other family members. There were plenty of friends there too, as well as people there for her roommate, who also graduated.

It was a nice time. Good food, and we kind of just hung out outside. It was a beautiful day. Her parents and family seemed really nice. Glad we went.

I think Ricci got a degree in Spanish, and we found out yesterday that she already has a job lined up with the local prosecutors office to be an advocate for Spanish speaking women (I think that's what it is - it sounds interesting and challenging whatever it is). So we went home feeling pretty proud of everyone in our family.

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