Monday, May 07, 2012

Eating - day 7 (sunday)

Eating was a little off again yesterday, but hopefully I didn't gain more weight.

Breakfast: glass of water, vanilla protein shake, decaf coffee, 1 multivitamin and 1 pot/cal with another glass of water.

Mid-morning: I had another vanilla protein shake between Sunday School and the worship service (9:50 am).

Lunch: We cooked chicken breasts on the gas grill. Jane and I split one. Also had rutabaga and broccoli.

Afternoon: We one cup of vegetables (cauliflower & brussel sprouts) because we didn't figure we would get much for supper. I also took 1 multivitamin and 2 cal/mag supplements.

Supper: We went to a foundations gathering at Joan's. I had some Italian beef and lettuce, with water.

Late night: When we got home I had my 3rd protein shake (orange), and some celery.

I did not run or walk all weekend, as I kind of overdid it Friday (though I don't usually run on the weekends, but I do usually walk some). My legs are still a bit sore this morning.

Just weighed in... after 1 week on this diet... I lost 7 pounds. I am at 161 lbs in pjs, robe and slippers. Without the robe, long pants and slippers I am 158 (t-shirt & boxers).

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