Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Some things to remember about myrtle beach

So far our vacation in Myrtle Beach has been just like we imagined. Although it was supposed to have rained every day, but this morning was the first rain we've had. Tropical Depression 'Beryl' was supposed to have hit us hard during the night and this morning - dumping from 1-3 inches of rain - but it doesn't appear to have done too much. In fact, it's pretty much done now, and should start clearing off after noon.

There are some things we've learned during this trip that we need to remember for future trips (and, yes, we do plan to make future trips here - we like it where we're staying).

  1. We do not need to rent a car. We debated whether to rent one or not this time, and at the last minute decided to. We will probably only put about 10 miles on it (the airport and back, and a trip to K-Mart). We could just get a cab from the airport (it's only 3 miles), and there is a little store in the hotel right beside us that has everything we need). We can walk to bunches of restaurants, and if we do want to go the the mall we can always bus there or take a taxi.
  2. We like the Holiday Inn at the Pavilion. It is right in the midst of all the action along the Boardwalk, right beside the big sky wheel, and the nearest hotel to where everything is. The rooms aren't anything special, but they do have a full kitchen, and it's nice being up high and being able to look out over the beach (we are on the 8th floor this trip). Plus they have free breakfast.
  3. Do not come the last week of May. Apparently it is Harley Week, and then ends with Black Bike Week - every year. The price jumps in June, but that is also when the music and fireworks start along the boardwalk (that is all free). The first or second week of June sound pretty good.
  4. Getting chairs and an umbrella on the beach is cheaper if you get it for multiple days. It's $30/day, but if you reserve it for 2 or more days the price per day goes down (we paid $50 for 2 days). They set them up roughly between 9 am and 4 pm.
  5. I should have brought my hooded sweatshirt. I had it ready to bring, then at the last minute thought it was stupid. But it has gotten a little chilly at night. It gets a bit windy sometimes.
  6. There is really no need for nice clothes. We packed one pair of nice clothes. We've needed nothing besides shorts, t-shirts and swimsuits.
Other than that... I can't really think of anything else we need to remember. I will add it here if I do. It's been a really nice and relaxing several days so far. Some day we're hoping to be able to bring the whole family down here (if they would like to come).

Today, it was nice to sleep in and kind of just spend some time laying about watching tv, then hopefully be able to head outside when the sun comes back out this afternoon.

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