Sunday, June 03, 2012

Applebees party

We had a party last night for our "Applebees Friends." We've been going to the same one for years and years now. Our original intent was simply to make friends with some people that we didn't know from church. First we started just going for supper, but pretty soon we noticed that it often seemed to be the same people at the bar most of the time so we started sitting at the bar. Over the years we actually have made quite a few friends with both staff and customers. We have been invited to several of their houses and events, so we thought it was time we had a party and invited some people over.

Saturday seemed to be the day that everyone thought best for a party - which is a bit hard for me to do since I work early every Sunday morning - but we finally had a weekend when I was off so we decided to have it last night. Of course, as usual, several people couldn't make it on THIS Saturday. But we still had several, and it was a nice time. Those in attendance were: Mike, John, Todd and his wife (Susan), Rachel and her kids (Autumn & Soren), and Carrie & Anna. Not a big crowd, but I was afraid it was going to just be Mike and John at one point. Amanda and Travis called just before to say they probably wouldn't be able to make it.

We just cooked some hamburgers, hot dogs, and brat patties on the grill (charcoal), had salads and chips and stuff, and lots and lots of beer. We bought waaaaay too much stuff. I was worried about running out. We bought too much stuff. Oh well, I should be set on beer for the rest of the year now (especially since I've basically quit drinking).

People arrived around 6:30, and I think everyone was gone around 9:30 or 10. We started outside but it soon got too cold, and we moved to the basement. The girls "chatted" and the guys played "cut-throat" on the pool table.

I think our next group thing with this group is either a bowling night or another Takaoka supper.

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