Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Bad haircut

I may have just had my worst hair-cutting experience ever. I went to the usual place this afternoon (Great Clips on W. Jefferson). It seemed unusually busy for some reason. In fact, I was going to stop yesterday, but there were a bunch of people in there. Anyway, I sat and waited my turn. There were actually like 4 or 5 girls cutting hair at the time. It seemed the last couple times I'd been in there there were only 2 girls working, and I didn't have to wait at all. So... I finally get called back. I had a young-ish girl named "Abbey." She seemed nice enough at first, but once she started cutting... holy cow. The last time I was there the girl used a #6 on the sides and back, and then scissor cut the top. I said that seemed ok, so she started with the #6 clippers. Man... it was like she was trying to dig them into my head. She was actually grinding the clippers into my scalp. You know, I'm not all that particular about how my hair is cut, but I don't think it should have to hurt. I briefly thought about stopping her and telling her that it hurt, but I was kind of afraid of what she might do. Then she scissor cut the top, and trimmed along my neck. But that was it. She didn't go around my ears, she didn't do down into my shirt collar, she didn't offer to do my eyebrows, and she didn't put any of the powder on my neck when she was done. To make matters worse, I really do not like how it looks either.

So... mark this one down as a bad haircut. All the way around.

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Carrie said...

Great Clips would probably appreciate knowing about your experience. Just so ya know :)