Sunday, June 24, 2012

Cork and cleaver virgin no more

We had our first taste of the infamous Cork 'N Cleaver restaurant tonight. It is located at 221 E. Washington Center Rd. on the north side of Fort Wayne. I guess I didn't realize it was a chain, but apparently it was started in 1904 in Scottsdale, Arizona. The decor was designed to "create the most comfortable, warm atmosphere one could find outside the home." It was certainly nice, and they did have a really nice salad bar. It was a bit pricey for our tastes though (for entree's), and the area where we were seated was really, really dark. But it was still neat, and we had a nice time. I was surprised that the menu is an actual meat cleaver. Kinda neat.

We met Mike R. and Rachel B. there. Mike has kind of gotten Rachel back into the group by inviting her to go out to eat with us. We all seem to get along well, and tonight was no different.

They both had some kind of fish to eat. Jane and I sort of split an entree. I ordered the Hawaiian Chicken - which comes with a salad bar - and she just ordered the salad bar. Then we split the chicken. I thought it was good, but Jane didn't like it. Though I was dipping mine in the teriyaki sauce. It would have been a nice dinner, but then we decided to get dessert too. We were going to split one, but she wanted cheese cake, and I wanted the Mud Slide. So we each got what we wanted. Holy cow... that was one huge Mud Slide. It was this mound of ice cream seated atop a fudge brownie, covered with chocolate and whipped cream. I didn't think there was any way in the world I could eat the whole thing... but once I started eating it... Oh man... it was the best ice cream I have ever had in my life. And I ate the whole dang thing. Man was I stuffed afterward. But it was good.

So... I don't know if we'll go back or not. It was really good, but perhaps just a bit pricey for us. Though not terribly extreme (the Hawaiian chicken was the cheapest thing at $15.95. the salad bar was $10.95). We actually spent more at a Texas Roadhouse last week in Illinois. So who knows.

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