Sunday, June 24, 2012

The zanesville 5k

I ran in the Zanesville Lions Club 5K again yesterday. The only previous 5K I've run in was this same one - 4 years ago. Jane and I ran in that one together, and we ran it in around 33 minutes. She had to work yesterday, so I ran by myself. I ran this one in 25:51... which was way faster than I normally run. In fact, I started out way too fast. I was out of breath at the start, and it seemed like I never got a good rhythm going. But I survived nonetheless.

I probably finished right around the middle of the pack. I would guess there were maybe 25-35 runners (I don't know). There were a couple of sisters from our church, and their mom, who ran. They were all pushing strollers. The one sister (Molly) had a double stroller and was pushing both her kids. She was just ahead of me when we started, and I kept thinking that surely I would pass her at some point, but she kept pulling further and further ahead. Ugh. She is good. She ran track in college though. I also had a female college soccer player from the University of Findlay pass me right at the end. I tried to hold her off for a little bit, then I decided I was just being ridiculous, so I let her pass me.

I was glad I ran, and I was pretty happy with my time. I also got a nifty bright orange t-shirt... though I apparently didn't win any prizes this time (I won my age-group the last time). I would like to run some more 5k's... and someday I wouldn't mind trying to run a half marathon... but I don't know. Sometime I'd like to just try running 13 miles on my own to see if I could do it. I think the most I usually ever do is about 5.75 miles. And I run like an old man. But... I do run. And that's something, I suppose. My legs are still a little sore this morning though. It was a good workout.

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