Saturday, June 02, 2012

Isaac turns 24

Yesterday was son Isaac's 24th birthday. Hard to believe. We didn't see him, but he is coming into town today and we are going out for breakfast. He is going to a wedding in Huntington this afternoon. We have already given him his present this year: some money to use towards the purchase of his motorcycle - a 1973 Honda (below). It will be good to see him, and Ricci.

He is still the program director for The Exodus House, as well as hired hand on the animal farm. He's also preached several sermons as part of the preaching team at his church (The Mercy House). I think he still audits an occasional class at AU as well. And now he's learning about motorcycles too.

We continue to be very proud of him, though, as always, we wish we saw him more often. :)

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