Monday, June 11, 2012

The monday morning weigh-in (broke 150)

I had my official weekly weigh-in this morning. Last week I was at 156 - which may have been 155 after running. This morning when I first got out of bed I was at 150.4. So that was pretty good - an almost 6 lb drop in a week. But after eating a piece of quiche, drinking a cup of coffee, 2 glasses of water, going to the bathroom, and running 4.5 miles on the treadmill, I was down to... 148.8! I finally broke that nasty 150 barrier.

I had actually slipped in at 149.6 on Friday for a little while. But the weekends are tough on the losing weight thing. I don't eat as regular, I eat and drink things I shouldn't, and I don't run on the weekends (though I still try to walk). So I hovered around the 150-151 mark all weekend. I was glad to drop down below it finally.

However this will be a brutal week. We have dinner dates with a couple of different groups this week, plus it's Ribfest, so I will be eating some ribs and probably downing a few brews as well. So we'll see.

There is just this little band right around my waist that I'm trying to get rid of. Otherwise I need to make sure I keep up with the weightlifting, because I don't want to get too skinny. If I could just get to 145 and get rid of that fat in the middle, then even out around 150 I would be happy. Though I'm pretty happy right now compared to the 175 I was in January.


JAH said...

Just so you look great!

dan horwedel said...

Thanks. You too! :)