Monday, June 18, 2012

Monday morning weigh-in

Well, this was sort of an up and down week. I weighed in this morning at a new low... 148.4. That should be exciting, as it's lower than last Monday. But only .4 lbs (148.8 last week). What is disappointing is that I was down to 147 on Friday morning/afternoon... but then we went to Ribfest Friday night and chowed down and I swear on a stack of Bibles that I literally gained 5 lbs just Friday night. So, it really was an up and down week. But... I'll take the .4 lb loss from last week.

This week should be equally challenging, as we will be out of town and staying in a hotel. At least there won't be a scale to tempt me to weigh myself every hour.

By the way, my weigh-in this morning followed a 5.74 mile run. I know that for a fact now - with my new gps sport watch. It is 2.69 miles from our house to where I turn around at Foster Park. It's also .84 miles our house to where I get on the trail under the Lower Huntington bridge.

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