Monday, June 18, 2012

Happy fathers day to me

I had another splendid Father's Day. It actually started Friday night when Jane gave me my gift from her. I think she went a little overboard, but I love what she got me. She got this Nike+ Sportswatch with GPS. It's pretty awesome what it can do. It also has a chip I can put in my shoe, if I had shoes that it worked with (I may, but I haven't tried it yet). So now I can tell exactly how far I'm running, and how fast, and how many calories I'm burning, and it will record it all online so I can keep track of it! Pretty cool.

Then on Father's Day... of course it started out with church. That was kind of disappointing. It just might have been one of the lowest attended Sunday's we've ever had. It was pretty bad. Something needs to change there. But then we went out for lunch with Drew, Carrie and Anna. Then a nap. Then Isaac came up and we met Drew, Carrie, Anna, and Drew's dad at Ribfest at Headwater's Park. We ate some pork and listened to some blues. Then after everyone left Jane and I went back to the park and listened to the smooth jazz sounds of a band called Groove Caravan. It was a nice evening, and a nice Father's Day.

Today we are taking off for Buda, where we will spend the night at my parent's house, and then we will head to Decatur, Illinois for the Midwest Region Conference Convention for three days.

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