Sunday, June 17, 2012

Speaking of jesus (book)

I just finished reading the fine little book Speaking of Jesus: The Art of Not-Evangelism, by Carl Medearis. What a great read. It's fairly short (only 183 paperback pages), full of good stories, and there is little to no heavy theology. He talks a lot about Jesus. And gives plenty of practical helps for how we can too.

From the snippet on the back it says...
Author Carl Medearis is not interested in keeping Christianity alive. Not one bit. Carl believes it has grown into something that is rarely attractive, frequently divisive, and all too often embarrassing. He believes you may feel this way too. In his new book Speaking of Jesus, Carl gives us a wink and a grin and the permission to stop feeding this thing called Christianity. His offer is that doing so allows us the freedom to relax and feast on Jesus.

I highly recommend this book to those of you who like Jesus, but have become a little leery of this thing we call "Christianity." Not that true Christianity is bad, but what we've made of it... well... you know. And while I would recommend it to you folks, it's really the folks all caught up in Christianity that really NEED to read it; and maybe even those who feel they are outside of the faith as well.

Anyway, not a literary masterpiece, but he quotes Donald Miller, Philip Yancey, and Dallas Willard quite a bit... if that tells you anything. It's just a nice, good read... about Jesus. Well done.

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