Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stopped taking my blood pressure meds

Since checking my blood pressure yesterday, I have decided to go ahead and stop taking my bp meds - starting today. I checked it twice at two different locations and it was 88/65, 85/62, 112/65, and 109/62... so I'd say it is consistently low enough to do so.

The doctor said to stop 2 or 3 weeks before my July 11 visit. This might be a little soon, but I've been feeling a little light-headed and weak from time to time, and I just think my bp is getting TOO low sometimes. So I'll keep monitoring it - probably daily now - and see how it goes. It would really be nice to not have to take it anymore, for a number of reasons. I may seem a little fanatical about this diet and exercise thing, but this is my number one reason for being so. I don't like taking the bp meds. They're cheap, but they do have side-effects. While not extreme, it will still be nice. Hopefully. The older I get, I don't know if I'm getting wiser about my health choices, or if I'm just really starting to see how all those little things add up, and what a difference they make.

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