Friday, June 08, 2012


I finally got back to 150 again. Actually, this morning - before the protein shake, but also before running - I was 150.0. Before we left on vacation I was 150.4. So this is the lightest I have been. It also means I have lost just over 7 lbs. this week. I weighed myself last Friday morning after getting back and I was 157.8. I imagine after I run I will drop below 150 even (usually around a pound), so it will likely be more like 8 or 9 lbs that I've lost. Cool!

Of course over the next few weeks we have several dinners out with friends, so things could take a little setback, plus the week after next we will be traveling again (conference in Illinois), but... for now I am at my original goal. I would still like to drop 5 below so when I go off the diet I will stay here. Although, I still have some fat around my waist that I could stand to trim off too. But I'm trying to not be too crazy about it.

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