Thursday, June 07, 2012

Running to walmart (and the rivergreenway)

I've been running outside some lately. I had been running down Lower Huntington Road to the Rivergreenway at Tillman and then taking the Rivergreenway up towards Foster Park. I usually just run 30 minutes out, turn around, and run back (so I run for an hour). That usually leaves me just short of this corner, so Monday I was moving a little faster than usual and I was able to make it around the corner... I had no idea the baseball diamond at Foster Park was RIGHT THERE! So I ran probably about 5.5-6 miles! It is 1.4 miles from our house to the Rivergreenway, and then I figure it's probably around another mile and a half from where I get on up to Foster.

I was surprised, because I can usually only make 4.5 miles on the treadmill in an hour. So I'm running about a mile further in the same amount of time outside than I do inside. That just kind of boggles my mind. I suppose I can just stretch out my stride a little more outside than I can on the treadmill.

Well, anyway, this morning I decided to go the other direction when I got to the Rivergreenway. I ran towards Tillman Park instead of Foster Park. The trail ends right behind the Safetytown place which is right behind Walmart. It's just a little over a mile from where I get on until the end of the trail, so that's about a 5-mile round trip. It took me just under an hour and was a nice run too. I thought it was funny when I got to Walmart, because we're always saying, "I'm going to 'run' to Walmart..." And now I can say that I literally have. :)

One interesting thing is... when I run towards Foster I almost always see other people out walking, running, or biking. But when I went towards Walmart I didn't see a soul. Granted, it was a little early (6:20-7:20 am) but I still thought it odd that I didn't see anyone.

I do enjoy running outside more than on the treadmill (especially since we no longer have ESPN to watch). I have to watch myself that I don't push too hard though. It's easy to go too fast, and that makes my back and legs hurt. But if I can just pace myself it is nice to be outdoors and to see other human beings and things like that.

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