Friday, July 20, 2012

9 miles, under 145

Today I ran over 9 miles for the first time. To be exact it was: 9.54 miles, in 1 hr. 32 min., and burned 1082 calories. That averages out to under 10 minutes a mile - which is my goal for the mini-marathon. And it actually included 4 minutes of walking at the start and 6 minutes of walking at the end (I stopped running at 9.2 miles).

I ran down Lower Huntington and got on the RiverGreenWay, then went back behind Safety Town, then I backtracked and went to the golf course at Foster Park, then headed back to Lower Huntington and back to our house and ran halfway down the side street just past our house, then walked the rest of the way around the circle.

I actually felt pretty good. My breathing was great. I did 3 out and 2 in most of the way. My legs and feet felt good. I was a little worried, because my legs had been sore all week since the 8-mile run last Friday. But it felt good. There was a bit of mist in the air, but it was nice and cool. There was also a tree across the trail at one point, but I could get through. And I think I encountered my first transvestite (or crossdresser) today at Tillman Park. He/she said "hi" and I said "hi" and just kept running.

Also... I weighed in at 144.2 after the run. That was after eating eggbeaters, coffee, a protein drink and 2 glasses of water, and lifting weights. I was 146.6 before the run. That's the lightest I've been in a long, long time.

I did rub my legs (thighs and knees) down with Jane's new stuff from Arbonne, and I'm wearing my high socks as much as I can today. But I feel good so far.

And I was very proud of Jane for topping 5 miles today! She hasn't been running all that long and she is timing out right about where I am. She's looking pretty super too!

Now it's off to babysit for Anna while Carrie goes to the doctor.

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JAH said...

Very, very proud of you - I knew you could do it!