Saturday, July 21, 2012

The sound at headwaters park

We were pleasantly surprised with the Davey Knowles show at Headwaters Park in Fort Wayne last night. Wow, what an exceptional young musician and entertainer. He really knows how to put on a show and work a crowd.

Unfortunately, after attending several shows at Headwaters this summer (Ribfest, Three Rivers Fest, etc.), it seems to me there are some definite sound issues though. I don't consider myself one of those old curmudgeons who hates loud music by a long shot... but it has seemed so obnoxiously loud every time we've been there - and I never noticed it until this summer. It also seems like the speaker setup is different than in past years. I don't know if they are using a different sound crew, or if it's possibly those smaller speakers. Because I really like to 'feel' the music in my chest (from a deep bass sound), and I don't feel it so much as it just seems to make my ears bleed. It has to either be the mix or the speakers.

Last night we could not sit anywhere near under the shelter because it was so loud (until D.K. took the stage). We could hardly talk to one another even out under the trees, and trying to order anything was just a pain (because it was so loud). When D.K. started, and we decided to move up by the stage, it was weird because it felt like the speakers were 'blowing' on us. There was no deep bass "feel"... but more of a wind. And it's not that I minded the feel of it... but my ears are still sore this morning.

Anyway, I wish someone would do something, because I really like attending shows at Headwaters. But if all they're going to do is tell us "If it's too loud then you're too old"... then I may have to miss a lot of shows there. Because, again, it's not that I am again loud music. I am against poor sound quality. But... maybe it's just me (and Jane). It's not like we're going to say anything, and I doubt that it would matter anyway. I'm just sayin'...

At any rate, we really were blown away by Davey last night. Not only his playing, singing and talent, but he all-around stage demeanor. I cannot believe he's only 25 years old. And then when he closed with Cortez the Killer... it was perfect.

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