Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Our missionary friends visited

We had a nice visit from some old friends this weekend, and they happen to be missionaries with Wycliffe Bible Translators. The Young's are support people, and have been working in the Philippines for the past six years (I think) - most recently in Manila. They were here from Friday through Monday morning with their two teenage children. They stayed at the mission house, and I think they appreciated it quite a lot.

We knew them from when we lived in Illinois. We knew the husband some because we all started going to the same church. His wife is from Ireland, and we enjoyed meeting her and helping her acclimate somewhat to the USA. After awhile we started hanging out together and were involved in a home Bible Study. When we decided to check out seminary, they were the people who went with us. Partly because they were feeling called to something else too, but partly just because they were our friends. When we moved for seminary, they were the people who helped us move. Their now 17-year-old daughter slept in a dresser drawer at that time.

So, it was nice to visit with them. We probably have a lot of ideological differences (I am perhaps a bit more liberal), but it's just nice to visit with people who care about what they do and who aren't totally wrapped up in just having a good time and getting things the way they want it.

We didn't share a lot about our current situation, but they know enough, and they said it's the same everywhere they go. Yes, the church is growing in other parts of the world... but it is never without its issues and struggles. So it was nice to be able to hear things with a positive spin.

I believe they will be in the USA for another few weeks, then they're headed to Northern Ireland for almost a year. Their kids will go to school there, and they will be on furlough for awhile, and then work in the NI offices. After that... they have no idea where the Lord is taking them. I like being around people like that.

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