Friday, July 06, 2012

Power outages

Well, we finally got our turn at having our power go out. It wasn't for too long though. Drew and Carrie had theirs go out last Friday, and it didn't come back on until Wednesday. Our neighbors at the end of the street had a limb take their service off the side of their house, so they've been without power from last Friday until today (a week).

Another storm apparently swung through town last night - though we didn't get anything - but it knocked the power out for our part of the town at 7:30 pm. Some poor people had just gotten theirs turned back on. I guess it came back on around 1:15 am. I noticed at 1:57 am that our power was on, so I got up and plugged the fridge back in. But then at 2:01 am ours went out again - even though the people on the other side of the street and most of the rest of our subdivision still had power.

When Jane and I got home last night the neighbor (Bruce) asked us if we wanted to borrow his old generator. I went over and got it at 7:30 this morning. It ran until 10:30 on a half tank of gas, then it ran out. I went to get some gas, and when I got back at 11 am, the power was back on. So... all told, we basically only went without from 7:30 last night until 11 this morning. Not too bad, but it did get a bit warm in here. The upstairs was up to 81. I tried sleeping in bed last night, but I ended up going to the basement. The basement is much cooler. I'm glad it came back, because it's supposed to top 106 degrees today.

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