Saturday, August 18, 2012

11 miles and a bloody nipple

I stepped back to 11 miles yesterday - for a couple of reasons. For one thing, I can't do 13 miles every Friday between now and the end of September (and I don't think I need to). Secondly, I wasn't feeling all that good and wasn't sure if I would be able to run at all. Just kind of achy all over, felt a little hot, head and stomach felt funny. But... once I got past the second mile I didn't feel too bad, and continued to feel better as I ran. Actually, I think between miles 4 and 8 are when I feel my best. Those are maybe my fastest miles too (though I'm not sure, but I feel the strongest).

Anyway, I ran 11.1 miles in 1 hr. 47 min., and burned 1264 calories. As usual I walked the first 4 minutes, and I actually quit running at 10.5 miles and walked the rest. I think I did the 10.5 at a 9:10 min. pace. My legs felt good when I got done too.

The weird thing was... my left nipple started bleeding while I was running. I didn't notice it until around the 7-mile mark, but with a white shirt on it was pretty obvious once I finally looked down. I was just glad both nipples weren't bleeding! I had a stupid big red mark on my shirt. Fortunately it washed right out. That has never happened to me before - even though I've had sore nipples after running - but I think it was because I put some baby powder on my nipples BEFORE I ran. I thought it might keep them from getting sore. But apparently that's a bad idea. From now on I will just stick to after I run.

I weighed 144.6 before running (after eating egg beaters, an english muffin, cup of coffee and glass of water), and weighed in at 140.6 after running. I didn't weigh myself again after the protein drink and more water.

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