Sunday, August 19, 2012

I met octomom

Yes, I actually met "Octomom" the other day. Well, I suppose I didn't really meet her. And I didn't actually even talk to her. But I was within 5 feet of her.

She was at a local lingerie/adult store giving autographs Friday night, and I thought... what the heck. I just wondered what kind of person she was, what she would be like in person, and what kind of people would come out to see this kind of a person. I was not really surprised by anything I saw. I've also lately been trying to stretch myself a bit and step outside of my comfort zone. I realize this wasn't a giant stretch, but just walking into the store was uncomfortable enough for me.

Anyway, she (sorry, can't remember her real name) was to be signing autographs from 5-9 pm, and I didn't think about it until around 7 pm. So I drove by the place and there were hardly any cars there. So I did a drive-by and then stopped in. There were a few people milling about the store (I tried to look at as little as possible in the place as I could), and they had her set up in a corner with a small folding table. The table had copies of her new "movie", as well as some pictures and things you could buy to get autographed. Octomom herself was dressed in a way-to-tight black dress, way-to-high heels, and... she pretty much looked and acted like I suspected she might.

So, I got in what appeared to be a line. She was getting her picture taken with a guy, and there was a couple and another guy in front of me. I watched her interact with the people, and just generally tried to look inconspicuous. Then I said a prayer for the girl. I didn't really even know what to pray for her about - not knowing much of anything about her - but I prayed that God might look kindly on her, put some people in her life to help her make wise choices, and that she might look to Jesus as her hope (if she hasn't already). Then... I left. I kind of wished I'd talked to her, but I had no idea what I might have said, and I wasn't about to buy anything, and I wasn't really interested in an autograph. It was mostly just a curiosity trip, a chance to 'put myself out there' and see what happened, and to pray for someone who may not get a lot of prayers floated their way.

All told, I wish Jane had been with me (she was in Illinois visiting family), but I guess it "was what it was."

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