Monday, August 20, 2012

Code of ethics for pastors

I ran across this 'Code of Ethics for Pastors' put out by the NAE (National Association of Evangelicals). I think it's a good idea. Here is the press release, and here is the pdf of the actual code. Below are just the bullet points from it. It says...
All who are called by God to the ministry of the gospel solemnly commit to a life of joyful obedience and selfless service in order to glorify God and enrich his people. Therefore, a minister will:
Pursue Integrity
  • in personal character
  • in personal care
  • in preaching and teaching
Be Trustworthy
  • in leadership
  • with information
  • with resources
Seek Purity
  • in maintaining sexual purity
  • in spiritual formation
  • in theology
  • in professional practice
Embrace Accountability
  • in finances
  • in ministry responsibility
  • in a denomination or a ministry organization
Facilitate Fairness
  • with staff
  • with parishioners
  • with the community
  • with a prior congregation

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