Friday, August 10, 2012

13 miles

I'm a little disappointed in myself for breaking from my training regimen... but I went ahead and ran 13 miles this morning. I was only scheduled to do 12, but it was such a nice morning - 64f with a little mist off and on - and my legs felt pretty good, plus I was just dreading the whole thing so much. So... I did it. I hit the 13-mile mark at exactly 1:58:11, so I was also able to break the 2-hour barrier (my goal).

Officially I did 13.12 miles in 2:00:01 hrs., for a 9:09 min.-per-mile pace, and burned 1488 calories. I then walked another mile for a cool down afterward. That is probably when my legs felt the worst.

For some reason I was really dreading running this morning. Usually I really look forward to it. I guess my legs were pretty sore earlier in the week. Then yesterday we drove the course of the half marathon in Fort Wayne, and the hills really freaked me out. I was almost sick to my stomach for some odd reason. But once I started running it got better. And I actually felt really good from about the 6-mile spot to around 10 1/2 miles. I think I started running faster then. And I ran uphill coming up Lower Huntington to home at probably the fastest pace, because I knew then I wanted to break the 2-hour barrier. But it was a pretty hard run at the end. Still, my legs felt pretty good. I think I need to start limiting my outdoor running to maybe twice a week until the half though. It really makes a difference running outside vs. running on the treadmill.

I also changed courses today. I went down Lower Huntington and got on the trail, but I headed to Foster park first. And this time I went all the way around Foster (instead of turning around there). It is 2.1 miles around it. Then I backtracked, and then followed the trail to back behind Walmart. But I had to backtrack some more and go back to the parking area towards Foster, then turn around and head for home. And I still had to do a loop around the neighborhood when I got back.

As far as weight for today... I weighed 144.2 before I ran (after a glass of water, cup of coffee, egg beaters and an english muffin. After running I was 140.4. I probably didn't sweat quite as much today, as it was nice and cool. But I was still dripping wet from the drizzle and mist.

Now I think I'm going to pump up on some water and fruit, and a protein drink. And I may soak in the bathtub for a bit.

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Absolutely awesome!