Thursday, August 09, 2012

Planting seeds in the office

I literally planted some seeds in my office yesterday. I'd had this little seed packet with a little pot that I got for free from somewhere, and it's just been sitting on my desk for about a year. So I finally decided to open it up and plant the suckers. The little pot has "Huntington University" on the side of it (it was some kind of gift/promotional thing), and there was a dirt "wafer" and about half a dozen seeds inside. So I mixed up the dirt wafer, put it into the pot, and planted the seeds. I don't even know what kind of seeds they are - it doesn't say anywhere. But I put it in the east window so it can get some sun, and maybe someday I will have a plant in my office. Or not.

Yep... that pretty much sums up how exciting things are around my office on a Wednesday morning.

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